• Option 1

    £1 buys one mirror head for a dental examination

  • Option 2

    £5 will buy a box of 100 disposable gloves and a pack of disinfection surface wipes

  • Option 3

    £10 will provide the filling material for one filling on a child

  • Option 4

    £35 will buy a box of local anesthetic ampoules

  • Option 5

    £40 Will buy a pair of extraction forceps

  • Option 6

    £70 Will buy a slow speed headpiece

  • Option 7

    £1000 will buy a reconditioned dental chair


About Us

SmileMenders is an organisation set up by two Swindon dental practitioners that aims to help the children of the Ukraine, through the education and provision of medicines, materials and instruments that will enable trauma free solutions.


Smile Menders was founded by Brendon Ball, a New Zealand GP dentist and Richard Swift, an Orthodontist. Both currently practice in Swindon. Supporting Brendon and Richard are their wives Natasha and Linda.

Why Ukrane?

Between 1930 and 1955 the Ukraine suffered the loss of about 25million citizens; the victims of communist and fascist “philosophy”. Compassion and tenderness are scarce enough. Since Chernobyl, scant resources have been directed to treating cancer. This has meant that dental disease has trebled. Children have most treatment performed without any pain relief (including extractions). We hope not to restrict operations solely to Ukraine. As we expand we hope we will be able to help children in other countries.

Are we a registered charity?

YES. Encouraged by our success and hoping to extend our activities we are now happy to have become a registered charity. Everyone involved with the Charity is a volunteer. Every penny donated goes towards projects.

Smile Menders (Charity No. 1098435)
The Dental Practice, Freshbrook, Swindon, Wilts, SN5 8LY
+44 (0)1793 873044
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